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Ayurvedic treatments are health treatments which follow the teachings of Ayurveda. Each Ayurveda treatment is individually planned according to the needs of the patient and it should prescribed by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. Every cure includes a specific Ayurvedic diet which corresponds with the patient’s constitution type. Along with this diet, various treatments are applied to help balance the substances in your body, promote inner harmony and contribute to overall well-being, as well as making your body and mind strong enough to combat numerous diseases.

Ayurveda treatment begins with a consultation with a specialist Ayurvedic doctor to set up your individual treatment plan. A common element is pulse diagnosis to determine your type of constitution. There are three types of constitution, Vata, Pitta or Kapha, and usually one of them is dominant.

We would be pleased to provide you with assistance and advice on different type of Ayurveda treatments and help you to find the perfect destination for you.


Shirodhara (shiro-forehead, dhara-flow) is an Ayurvedic treatment in which oil is poured onto the forehead and is acknowledged as the best-known Ayurvedic practice. It is performed with a special mixture of oil and herbs. The recipes vary and some of them are over 2,000 years old! The oil flow and head massage calm the nervous system, reduce stress and relieve headaches.

Ayurvedic Herbal Baths

Ayurvedic baths are used to relax muscles for body relaxation and revitalisation. Flowers are often added to the water along with herbs and oils. The pleasant aroma and warmth of the water allow for relaxation and pure indulgence.

Shiroabhyanga and Shirovasti

Apart from Shirodhara, there are many other Ayurvedic treatments which concentrate on the forehead. Two popular treatments are called Shiroabhyanga and Shirovasti. Shiroabhyanga is a head massage, which can be performed lying down as well as in a sitting position. Shirovasti is an oil treatment which uses a wrap to prevent the oil from pouring down your face.

Ayurvedic Wraps

Ayurvedic treatments include a variety of wraps and body scrubs, with use of natural ingredients which correspond to your type of constitution. Depending on the desired result, wraps can cover whole body or they be applied to particular body parts.

Ayurvedic Masks

Ayurvedic face masks work in a similar way to conventional face masks. Typical ingredients include healing clay, herbs and oils as well as other natural elements such as algae. The masks soothe, nourish, revitalise, rejuvenate and detoxify skin as well as contributing to mood enhancement and supporting Ayurvedic cures.

Netra Basti

According to Ayurveda, the eyes are linked to the sun, so in order to sooth eye complaints, the Pitta Dosha must be brought into balance. During a Netra Basti treatment, the entire eye socket is bathed in a pool of warm ghee, which has a nourishing effect and helps sooth itchy eyes. The treatment usually lasts between 5 and 20 minutes.


Ayurvedic medicine relies heavily on the use of oils, and recognises them as carriers of healing substances. There are particular oils assigned to each Dosha. Oils can be applied to particular body parts or to the whole body. The traditional Ayurvedic massage with warm oils is called Abhyanga.

Pinda Sveda

Massages with hot cotton bags filled up with herbs called Pinda Sveda are often performed by applying two bags simultaneously to both sides of the body, as shown in the picture. Sometimes four hands are used to give a full body massage. The aim of this Ayurveda treatment is joint and muscle relaxation, tension release and opening of pores to allow medicinal substances to be absorbed and remove toxins through sweating

Yoga and Meditation in Ayurveda

In an Ayurvedic treatment, yoga is often practiced every day to relax muscles and strengthen them through controlled use. An Ayurvedic holiday is a great opportunity to improve your balance and experience all of the health benefits of yoga. For yoga enthusiasts, a treatment in an Ayurvedic resort is a perfect opportunity to practice yoga in an authentic setting.

Meditation is used for mental relaxation and teaches you how to control your emotions and focuses on your body, which makes it a fantastic supplement to an Ayurveda treatment. Most Ayurvedic resorts offer group meditation once a week, however it is recommended to meditate on your own as well, paying close attention to posture and breathing.

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