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The health of an individual is greatly influenced by food, air, water, exercise and emotion. The main cause of deterioration of the body is an accumulation of toxins. The challenge to leading a healthy life in a modern world as this is enormous; 60% to 85% of the population do not exercise on a regular basis; do not eat nutritious meals; environmental hazard (air/water pollution) nor manage stress effectively.

Health conditions like Arthritis / Stroke touch nearly everyone – possibly you, your family, your employees and their dependents, your clients, and your fellow citizens.

There is a breakthrough therapy to reduce the risk of these most common and deadly chronic diseases that have no definite cure, and lead to serious disability and mortality. This therapy is called “taking care of yourself” in connection with our mission statement.
With these serious health conditions, everyday tasks can be challenging and the idea of becoming more physically active could be daunting. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Women are prone to get arthritis more than men. As a way of identifying with those who may not be in the best of health, we have considered it fit and proper to be the shoulder to lean on with the listening ear and a truly caring heart
Through this initiative, we will expand our reach to assist more lives. We offer trusted information, powerful health tracking tools and ways to connect with others. We’re working with health care providers and other partners to strengthen our educational and interactive offerings.


When you join the group, you become part of the answer. Our social media communities and fundraising events allow you to form meaningful connections and find ways to give back – getting the support you need while supporting others.


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