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Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics

We understand that we’re all different and that there is not one perfect nutritional answer that suits everyone. That’s why we perform a thorough assessment of your life, challenges, eating habits and work with you to develop priorities and goals.


In your first appointment with us you can expect to have a detailed discussion of your current nutritional needs and habits. We will discuss any medical or dietary issues that have contributed to changes with health or nutrition. It is important to have time to ensure that a thorough medial history can be taken as the role of diet in health is far reaching. We will take some basic measurements and begin a plan to address any areas in which nutrition can be optimised to have a positive impact on your health.


We will construct a plan that will address the nutritional issues you are experiencing. A good plan is the beginning and the implementation is a partnership of ongoing education and support. We are passionate about working with you to empower change of habit in your diet and lead to better health for the future.


Regular reassessments are important to keep things on track. Ongoing monitoring and education is vital to achieve the goals set. We will recommend reassessments depending on your requirements and the challenges that you face.

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