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Let’s Talk Radiation and Cell Phones

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Let’s Talk about Radiation and Cell Phone

Cell Phones, {especially smart phones}, emit a large amount of EMF radiation and microwave radiation while you are using them.
The amount of radiation absorbed by the body is measured in the form of a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) that is intended to be a comparative number to allow us to compare the dangers of various devices.As cell phones get smarter and smarter, the amount of EMF radiation they emit continues to go up. The cell phone has revolutionized our life by allowing us to communicate wirelessly anytime and anywhere.Cell phone radiation and other devices have become one of the most pervasive problems worldwide, Despite its many advantages, a mobile phone is considered as a “Health Time Bomb”.

Our support community is a bridge that will result in changing the general environment, including encouraging citizens to adopt a positive safe phoning attitude and usage of other devices that emit this hazardous EMF Radiations.

The issue is no longer whether the Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves emitted by mobile phones, computers, microwaves, antennas are dangerous to health, but how to protect ourselves and help people proactively manage their health and well being by providing clear and reliable precautions about cell phone radiation risks.